Model Development

4cast BV provides consulting services in the area of transport planning, specializing not only in analyzing but also forecasting demand. 4cast BV typically applies complex �state-of-the-art� model systems as a tool for our traffic forecast studies. 4casts core activities consist of developing, estimating, applying and managing these systems, based on more than 50 years of relevant working experience.

This experience is best typified by our contributions to the development and application of the �Landelijk Model Systeem� (LMS is the Dutch National Model) the �Overdraagbaar GroeiModel� (OGM), which is the regional version of the LMS, and the Regionale Benuttingsverkenner.�

These model systems have proven to be an important tool in supporting both the national, regional and local planning processes.

Staff at 4cast BV have played a substantial role in the development and application of the regional version of the National Model, the so called Nieuw Regionaal Model (NRM) The Nieuw Regionaal Model is a model system that generates mobility forecasts at a regional level.

This model system has been applied by staff at 4cast BV and is the company�s standard approach to large-scale regional transportation modelling, in contexts in which the issues to be addressed include both long- and short-range predictions and the policy levers to be considered include not only variants of land-use and network provision but also policies designed to control individual demand, particularly in respect of the use of the private car. The system is built on the general principles of the classical four-stage transportation model but is substantially extended to include more aspects affecting individual mobility choices.