Model application

Since its inception staff at 4cast BV has been involved in the application of this approach in a large number of studies, particularly in the urban regions of The Netherlands.� The issues that are typically of interest include the usual supply-side policies of road and rail network provision, land-use variants, pricing structure (including various road-pricing strategies), public transport provision (and improvement in terms of any or all of speed, availability, and quality), and parking restraint.�

The background has typically been one of an a-priori expectation of structural changes in demand for travel, following general population ageing, different work-force participation; different attitudes towards car-use amongst the elderly and general income growth.

In addition we have undertaken a large number of studies in the following areas:

  • Demand Forecasting;
  • Multi-Modal Network Modelling;
  • Network Modelling;
  • Operational Research;
  • Mode Choice Modelling;
  • Performance Analysis;
  • Dynamic Urban Modelling;
  • Freight Planning; and
  • Monitoring.